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Welcome to the Doug and Mike Show.  A show where we have real conversations with real people.  Meeting people who are making an impact in people's lives, hosted by two Florida Firefighters on two different ends of the state.  Follow us on FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.  Email us at 

Sep 28, 2018

Florida Firefighter/Captain and Member of the House of Representatives Matt Willhite joined us to talk about why he sponsored a Bill that eventually became Law, protecting first responders from a silent killer, PTSD.  Willhite talks about what he sees as a firefighter, father, husband and lawmaker that drove him to...

Sep 6, 2018

Be inspired by a story of survival, recovery, strength and success. Ixchelle is an influencer, mentor, mom, fitness and life coach and so much more to the thousands of people who subscribe to her mindset.

Ixchellle joined us while in Seattle at a firefighter convention and when babysitting plans fell through, she just...