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Welcome to the Doug and Mike Show.  A show where we have real conversations with real people.  Meeting people who are making an impact in people's lives, hosted by two Florida Firefighters on two different ends of the state.  Follow us on FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube.  Email us at 

Dec 22, 2018

This was a "lost tapes" episode that we did back in May of 2018 in Toronto, Canada with J-Ryze. So, his name gets your attention, it’s symbolic and suddenly makes you look up. Keep Ryzing.

We signed up for a Social Media Class with Evan Carmichael and then realized we had limited to no social media experience. So we then set out to try and see if we could talk to someone to settle our nerves.

Doug reached out to JRyze because he knew he was part of the team that would be teaching us, and he'd come clean and let us know we had limited Facebook and Instagram experience. J-Ryze laughed and said that was great and liked our spirit to just jump, right, in.

Then J-Ryze hit the accelerator and started talking about taking action and let’s start now. Yikes- Holy Fear Factor.  Welcome to the World of J-Ryze not for the faint of Heart.  We hope you enjoy this episode of the Doug & Mike Show. Follow the Doug and Mike Show on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and online at

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